Give Digital Dash As A Gift!

(Instructions below: How to Give as a Gift)



$9.95 USD

Charged every month

3 Month Prepay

$28.95 USD

Charged every 3 months

6 Month Prepay

$56.10 USD

Charged every 6 months

How to Send a Gift Subscription?


To send a gift subscription, click one of the links above (either the 1 month recurring, or 3 month prepay, recurring every 3 months, or 6 month prepay, recurring every 6 months).


This will take you to the register page.


You have the option to either:
1) Enter Your Info for you to manage the subscription or

2) Enter Your Friends info for them to manage the subscription


Enter the details as desired. Once you get to the last entry field:  ‘Gifting to a Friend’ text box, enter your Friends Email Address and then click the SUBSCRIBE button. See image below for more info:



This will then take you to the Paypal payment page where you’ll enter your Paypal payment information. Make sure that the the payment completes and confirms. That’s it – You’re done! Your friend will receive an email as a gift from you and a Welcome to the Digital Dash Subscription email to the address you entered in the last text box.


You can send multiple gifts to multiple recipients as many times as you’d like.