Terms of Use for Digital Dash

The following terms of use applies to DIGITAL DASHBOX or DIGITAL DASH BOX or DIGITAL DASH digital products, digital dash digital files and physical products created from those digital files and when purchasing from this website you agree to the following terms of use:


  • The purchased digital files are strictly for the Buyers personal use only and the following is prohibited: sharing of files, selling the files or selling of any license(s) to any of the files or granting, giving away and/or contest freebies any of the files and/or physical products.


  • Printing these digital files are for the Buyers own personal usage only and selling these products is prohibited.


  • Usage of these printed items from the digital files are for the Buyers personal use only.


  • You may use these physical printed items from digital files in multiple planners that the original Buyer owns.


  • The license created for the Buyer is for one person only, the original Buyer.


  • The Buyer may not transfer, sell, grant or give the subscription to any other person.


  • The Buyer may not redistribute and/or sell the digital files and/or any of the physical printed products from these files.


All files are Copyright © 2018 Planner Press
Website: https://www.digitaldashbox.com