About Us

Digital Dash was created after seeing a need for a digital downloaded product in the form of a complete kit, curated and unique each and every month! Each Digital Dash Kit comes with everything you need in a cohesive design, die-cuts, quote cards and other designs all match each other so all you have to do is cut and insert  into your planner!

The Digital Dash subscription kit arose after having the Planner Press Dashbox being so successful and seeing so many planner gals that just loved their subscription box. I started receiving many questions from girls that had multiple planners but couldn’t afford a physical kit for each one of their planners (yes I too have that problem, planner peace is elusive).


I wanted to debut a digital subscription kit that would be an affordable solution to decorating your multiple planners! The Digital Dash would be for all of your planner sizes and you can have your planners each match each other every month if desired!