Digital Dashbox by Planner Press

What is the Digital Dashbox? The Digital Dashbox is a digital planner subscription to decorate all of your planners in all of your sizes for the price of one sub box! If you’re like me and thousands of other planner girls, you’ll have multiple planners and want to switch sizes all of the time. You TRULY understand the value ONE box – ONE price to decorate all of your planners!

What Subscribers Are Saying

Thank You – THANK YOU!

Every month is seems that your beautiful work just seems to FIT me! Thank you again for the amazing artwork and designs that you do each month, it is soooo appreciated!

Shelley H.

The DISNEY kitS!

oh my gosh the Disney kits! I missed your first Disney kit (not sure when it was) but was sure to catch this most recent one. It is AMAZING! ty

Danielle W.

I love your designs.

Just wanted to say that I just love your designs and thank you so much!

Brittany G.

WOW Just wow!

The June and July kits! I thought the June kit was gonna be my absolute favorite (and it was amazing) but then the July kit came out and WOW!!!! 🙂 Thank you Savannah for your dedication and work in bringing these designs!

Sara H.

I use the silhouette files and they work great!

I currently cut using the silhouette cameo and studio software and everything so far has been perfect with the files. I am a mac user and was getting error in Safari for files downloading .DMS files but your customer service worked on it for me and just had to download using Chrome and it downloading great, ty again!

Rebecca A.

Thank you for the kits

OMG I found your website after following a YT video showing her printed and cut kit for the month and I FELL IN LOVE!!! Thank you so much for offering this kit with such value each month, the selection of sizes (I have 3 planner sizes I use) is perfect for me since I switch sizes often! The design is spectacular as well – I am a loyal subscriber I think for life!!!

Sharon T.

Digital Dashbox Amazes Every time!

Just when I think Digital Dash can’t be topped, a new months kit comes out and simply amazes me! Thank you for all of the designs you come up with, I don’t know how you do it!!!

Alex L.

Love Love Love this kit!!

I can’t wait each and every month for your kit to come out. I used to have 4 subscription boxes for planning, now I only have one – the Digital Dashbox. I just love the kit that much every month that I can’t wait for the 1st! I wish I found your box sooner!!!

Kaylee C.


IMPORTANT: The Digital Dash Download Link is ONLY available for one month, so be sure to download your goodies within the 1 month time period.

File Removal & Upload Schedule: Current month kit files are removed from the system by 8pm PST. Be sure to download well before this time to download your months files. New month kit files are uploaded on the 1st of the month by 9:00am PST. As a subscriber, login to your account, click the pink download button in the account dashboard to access the files.

Mac/Apple Users (iPad, iPhone, laptop or computer): If you are using Safari browser to download your files, you can encounter an error of files downloading as .dms files. To eliminate the issue, use Chrome to download your files. See FAQ #1 for more info.

UPDATE, April 1, 2022: If you were a past subscriber and have valid access, we are only providing links to those kits if you lost your files or forgot to download the files, for a maximum of 3 months from the current months kit. ie: If the current month is April, we can only provide Jan, Feb & March.

New Sizes UPDATE: Digital Dashbox files will now include the following updated sizes: A5 Wide, Half Letter, Letter, B6 Ringbound; Be sure to check it out or subscribe if you were looking for this new size, included now with your Digital Dashbox subscription.

I love to have all of my planners matching and coordinating. With Digital Dash, you can do just that and it won’t break the bank! This kit is super easy each month and everyone from advanced DIY’ers to casual crafters can get in on the decorating!

Each box comes with a variety of digital items that can be printed out as-is or if you’re feeling super creative, you can mix & match and layer for a truly unique set of dashboards and deco! Digital Dash was created to cater to everyone. Whether you have only a few minutes to print, cut and throw it into your planner, or if you have hours to work with for a super crafted look, you can do it all with Digital Dash!

Choose from our flexible subscription plans from 1, 3 or 6 months. Digital Dash will send your digital download kit to you every month automatically! Your super cute, curated and exclusive Digital Dash kit is sent to you via download right to your inbox!

Digital Dash includes all of your planner sizes including lots of extras! Decorate Your Planner – Your Digital Dash kit includes everything you need for ALL of your planners in ALL of your planner sizes so all you have to do is decorate!

What’s Inside the Box?

Each month you can look forward to a beautiful collection of digital planner goodies. Most everything is 100% exclusively hand drawn artwork that you’ll only find here! So what do you get? Each month you’ll get beautifully hand drawn digital dashboards in ALL of the popular planner sizes (see listing of sizes below).

Each dashboard will come in these sizes: A5 Ringbound, A5 Wide, A6 Ringbound, B6 Ringbound, Half Letter, Happy Planner Classic (HP Classic), Happy Planner Mini (HP Mini),  Letter, Personal Ringbound, Personal Wide Ringbound, Pocket Ringbound, Regular and Standard sizes:

      Updated Sizes: A5 Wide, Half Letter and Letter Sizes!

This usually adds up to over 150+ digital dashboards for the price of ONE kit! In addition you’ll also receive other digital goodies (varies each month) such as coordinating dashboards, quote cards, folders, divider tabs, inserts, vision boards, washi strips, printable post-its, planner pouch, pen pouch, sticker kit, full box and header overlays! (Each month’s contents may differ and accessories list is a just an idea of what you’ll receive).


The dashboards have pre-printed cut lines so you can easily print and cut on the printed lines and then easily stick it in your planner! I’ve also included an instruction booklet explaining how to print your dashboards, resources on how to use the items, a list of my favorite supplies and more!

Each Kit Contains a Variety of Unique Items – Some Examples of Which Are:

• Dashboards – PDF with full cut marks for easy cutting using a paper cutter or scissors.

• Folders- PDF and Silhouette cutting files. Can be cut by machine using Silhouette Studio or hand cut, see video tutorial here: Video Tutorial

• Inserts – PDF files with full cut marks for easy cutting using a paper cutter or scissors.

• Side Tabs – PDF and Silhouette cutting files. Can be cut by machine using Silhouette Studio or hand cut.

• Bookmarks – PFD and Silhouette Cutting files. Can be cut by machine using Silhouette Studio or hand cut.

• Foil Overlay Boxes & Headers ** – PDF and Silhouette cutting files. Can be cut by machine using Silhouette Studio or hand cut. If you have a Cricut you can convert images to png with these tips: or through Photoshop by erasing the background.

• Sticker Kits (Both Hobonichi & Full Kit) ** – PDF and Silhouette cutting files. Can be cut by machine using Silhouette Studio or hand cut. If you have a Cricut you can convert images to png with these tips: or through Photoshop by erasing the background.

• Pen Pouch – PDF and Silhouette cutting files. Can be cut my machine or hand cut, see tutorial here: Tutorial

• Printable Post it Notes – PDF, see tutorial here: Post-It Tutorial

• Quote Cards – PNG format

• Planner Pouch – PDF and Silhouette cutting files can be cut by machine or by hand, see a helpful tutorial here: Video

** If you have a Cricut you can convert images to png with the following tips or through Photoshop by erasing the background, we do not guarantee these will be 100% compatible with your Cricut software or your machine – we only guarantee Silhouette cutting machines with the .studio3 file extension. We know many of our subscribers what use these files successfully with their Cricut each month without issue but some knowledge of converting the files is necessary. **

Why is Digital Dash So Special?

Digital Dash will contain over 150+ dashboards for all of your planners in addition to all of the other planner goodies that comes in the Digital Dashbox kit! The files should be super easy to use, cut out to use in your planner each month – I’ve made it super easy! Make sure to check out my FAQ for questions or issues with your particular printer, software or computer.

The Digital Dash files and artwork are exclusive to me being created by a super talented artist and can only be found here. If you’re looking for unique and cute designs, a kit jam packed with cute goodies, you’ve found it with Digital Dashbox by Planner Press.